Thursday, January 29, 2009

Santa Cruz Driver 8

"You might have seen these shots in Dirt 84. Victor lucas recently popped over to the Santa Cruz factory in California and spotted this new machine...the Driver 8.
Santa Cruz say it's an 8" freeride bike, but we reckon it'll make a sweet DH bike for the less gnarlier, pedally tracks...say Canberra for instance...oh...which is where the World Champs are this year.

We'll have to see if Peat, Minnaar and Bryceland bust out the Driver 8 this year.

Here's some spec and pricing from Rob Roskopp

The new Driver 8 is our newest freeride bike. It offer's a low leverage ratio, making a more playful bike when jumping or stunt riding. With the ability to raise or lower the seatpost 7"'s you can go anywhere on this bike!

- 8" rear travel, lower leverage ratio
- 2nd Generation VPP
- grease ports w/ 8 bearings in lower link for ultimate durability
- carbon upper link
- 7" of seatpost adjustability, so you can ride it back up the mountain
- built in rear fender
- 1.5" headtube
- maxxle rearend

D8 frame powdercoat DHX 5 Coil - $2,599
D8 frame ano DHX 5 Coil - $2,799

D8 frame powedercoat w/ Vivid 5.1 - $2,645
D8 frame ano w/ Vivid 5.1 - $2,845
D8 Complete pcoat w/ DHX 5 SPX FR kit Totem Coil - $5,699"

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