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Corsair Crown

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Commencal Absolut Ti Cedric Gracia

Specialized Epic 29"

"Here's the text:

Primary Benefits
Low Weight - Every extra gram has beenshaved from the Epic 29er’s overall weightthanks to an insane attention to detail. TheEpic 29er’s 90-mm travel M5 aluminumframe has been designed from the groundupfor performance without additionalweight. Critical suspension componentswere integrated to the greatest extent possibleand wheels and Specialized Fast TrakLK 29er tires were specifically developed toshave weight while enhancing control.

Maximum Efficiency - Thanks to the integrationand refinement of the Epic 29er’sBrain damper and custom tuned forks,the Epic is the most efficient performancemountain bike available. The Brain dampercan instantaneously transition from firm tofully active to match changes in the terrain.

More refined than ever, the Epic 29er’sall-new M5 alloy frame combines highstrength alloy with skillful engineering andstate-of-the-art manufacturing to create category-leading weight and rigidity. The newEpic 29er features a geometry and tubesetdeveloped especially around the performancedemands of a 29-inch wheel.

Simply put, FSR® is the most effective suspensionsystem for enhancing comfort,control and efficiency in any riding situationor wheel size. Tuned just for our Epic 29er,FSR’s fully active design keeps the rear tire incontact with the terrain, resulting in dramaticallyincreased traction and control. FSR isalso fully independent, meaning suspension isunaffected by brake forces or chain torque. Atthe same time, perceivable pedal “kick back”and “drop away” are eliminated.

A revolutionary development in suspensiontechnology made even better, this Epic 29er’ssmaller and lighter FlowControl Mini Brainallows the Epic’s rear shock to instantaneouslytransition between firm and fully activesettings, enhancing both efficiency andcontrol. The Mini Brain has a lighter springthat enhances small bump compliance, whileits firm setting delivers maximum efficiencyin smooth terrain— making it perfect for highperformanceriding and racing.

Why It’s Great
The all-new Epic 29er is the most efficient29-inch wheeled competitive XC bike available.By designing it from the ground-up,we were able to tune every performanceelement on the Epic 29er. An integratedapproach to design, including a tuned rearshock with Brain technology, and heavilyrefined M5 aluminum chassis make the Epic29er more efficient, more comfortable andbetter handling than any other performanceXC 29er on the market. The legendary Epichas always been the fastest bike from PointA to Point B, and now, it comes with all thebenefits offered by a 29-inch platform.

Increased Control – With a completely customgeometry and tuned FSR suspension andtapered headtube the Epic 29er is the besthandling performance cross-country 29eravailable. Thanks to the integrated developmentof the M5 chassis, suspension forkand rear shock with Brain Fade technology,the Epic 29er rails trails and race courseslike nobody’s business.

Thanks to our Total Suspension Integration approach to design and development, the springcurve and damping rate of the Epic 29er’s AFR rear shock are tuned to match FSR linkagerate, maximizing bump force management by matching travel to bump magnitude so small impactsare supply absorbed, and big hits are handled with aplomb. Proper tuning of the linkagerate and rear shock were an essential part of delivering a 29-inch wheeled bike that climbs andaccelerates as well as it descends and carries speed.

You can’t have a high-performance 29erwithout a purpose-built, high-performancesuspension fork. We’ve teamed with Rock-Shox to develop the custom Reba S29 forkthat offers unsurpassed steering precision,ultra low weight (it's 100 grams lighter thaneven the lightest stock Reba) and our Rebafeatures a custom Specialized carbon crown/steer combined that boosts stiffness andsteering precision. When combined with theoversized end caps found on our Roval 29erwheels, it provides the lightest and stiffestperformance 29er fork. Because it featuresup to 100mm of travel, the Specialized Rebafork gives the Epic enhanced descendingcapabilities, without sacrificing any handlingor performance benefits

Tuned FSR: As with every FSR suspension bike we make, the Epic 29er’s FSR suspensionhas been tuned for maximum performance in the kinds of riding that 29er pilots seek. With15-plus years of tuning and tinkering we’re able to help 29er riders achieve the best possibleriding experience by enhancing comfort, control and efficiency on any terrain. FSR’s amazingversatility gives Specialized engineers the freedom to perfect it for different rides, delivering awider variety of purpose-specific performance than any other suspension system on the market.Because the Epic 29er’s FSR suspension is active and independent (the same as any otherFSR-based bike), it is free to compress and rebound in an uninhibited manner--whether pedaling,coasting, or braking--and functions with no perceptible pedal "kick-back" or "drop-away."This keeps the tires on the ground a greater percentage of the time, yielding more traction forincreased control over speed and direction; more comfort by remaining compliant; and moreefficiency because chain torque goes to moving you forward, not up and down."

Specialized New HT Carbon 29" & Epic 29" Video

Specialized New HT Carbon 29"

Spank Oozy Stem Ti

125 gr.



Rocky Mountain Custom 4x bike for Scott Beaumont @ Sea Otter

"Scott Beaumont was fresh from the first UCI round in South Africa. Here he is showing off his custom Rocky Mountain 4X bike. XC forks, carbon Race Face NEXT cranks and an integrated USE Sumo seatpost head."

Santa Cruz Driver 8 in Baby Blue @ Sea Otter 2009

Turner DHR @ Sea Otter 2009

Norco Carbon XC Racer @ Sea Otter 2009

Foes 29" Protorype @ Sea Otter 2009

Tyler Morland's DW Turner DHR

Commencal Absolut SX 2010

"Rocking with 140mm of travel, this little beauty has a tapered H/T 1.5" / 1"1/8 (integrated headset), its main pivot is down on the BB so that you can opt for a singlespeed option (you can also run horizontal dropouts, vertical, 12mm and Maxxle).
No doubt some of the mags will argue with the stats, but it has a 68° H/T angle with 510mm height fork ( based on the designed 140mm travel fork). As with the current Absolut, there will be two sizes. We are guessing 'Short' and 'Long'.

So who is this bike for??

Well the team down in Andorra have been looking at what people are riding. Ultimately the bike has been designed with Slopestyle in mind. But this is not like the other 'SS' bikes. With the Commie crew going with 140mm of air shock travel they have built a very versatile machine. Hence the Absolut 'SX' title. You could even ride this bike on short DH tracks, however where this bike is going to rule is the big mountain trails like A-Line and Dirt Merchant in Whistler...or lets face it the sort of killer lines at trail centres which are popping up around the UK.

So, that would mean get a Supreme with Triple clamp big guns for the hairy days, but for everything else pointing downhill there is this bad boy.

And yes Orange is the new Green!"

Commencal Meta 55 Carbon Prototype

Commencal Absolut SX Prototype

"Prototype Commencal Absolut SX with concentric BB for single speed set up, 140mm of travel"

Litter Mag

Brian Lopes and his Ibis Mojo at Sea Otter

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