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e*thirteen DH Crank

* Forged and then machined 7050 Aluminum arms.
          o 40% stronger than most common hollow forged alloys.
* 30mm heat treated cromoly spindle.
          o It is 200%+ stiffer than 24mm steel spindles commonly used in external bearing cranksets.
* German DIN 32711-P3 Polygon interface provides 100% surface contact between spindle and crankarm
          o Eliminates fretting corrosion – the prime cause of dreaded crankset creaking and loosening.
* 14mm pedal thread engagement + 7050 arm construction + quality pedal washers
          o Eliminates the need for costly and unreliable pedal thread inserts.
* High quality electroless nickel spindle coating.
          o Increases durability and extends material life (to just about forever).
* Standard 104 BCD
          o Of course
* Available in:
          o 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths.
          o 68/73mm and 83mm BB shell versions.
* New 24-38 Shift ringset option available.
          o For you core freeriders who like to earn your downhill.
* Weight: 870g:  Crank weight: 759g (165mm x 83mm) / BB weight 111g.


European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition

European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition - Day 3 from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

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Intense M9 Prototype

"Chris Kovarik's Intense M9 Prototype"


Specialized DH Prototype

New Specialized DH prototype for Hill and Fairclough. 
Dirt report: "It’s definitely aluminium, and looks like an evolution of the Demo 8, much lower standover, similar linkage setup but it looks quite a bit lighter. And you can be sure the geometry is just what Sam and Brendan ordered."

Pivot Cycles DH Prototype

Looks like a new Iron Horse Sunday. 18kg. 355mm bb height. 65° head angle.


Strong Frames

One of my favourite hardtail frame.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rock Shox Reverb Drop Post

"The Rock Shox crew rolled out their new Reverb drop post Tuesday at the company’s media camp in Durango, Colorado, and was one of the first in line to wing it around the local trails.
With features like a silky-smooth, hydraulic-actuated remote that can be integrated with either SRAM’s clean Match Maker system or separately with the Discreet mount, this is one impressive addition to the drop-post market.
At $295, other features include:
125mm of drop
• An adjustable return rate(speed) via an accessible barrel adjuster on the remote lever.
• A three-key anti-rotation design to keep seat “shimmy” down to an impressive minimum.
• A spring-energized, triple-lipped seal to protect the internals from the elements.
The Reverb will be offered in both 31.6 and 30.9, and will come in either 380mm or 420mm lengths.
Though still in prototype phases, estimated arrival to your local shop is sometime in September, with a targeted production weight of 515-grams, including remote."


New Rock Shox Boxxer Black Box

"The new glass-like DLC coating on the upper tubes of the latest BlackBox Racing project for the continued development of the Rock Shox Boxxers."


New Specialized Demo?

New Carbon Demo?


Friday, May 07, 2010

Developing Santa Cruz Carbon V10.4

Developing the Santa Cruz Carbon V10.4 - More Mountain Bike Videos

"Video feature about the development and lab testing of the new Santa Cruz Carbon V10.4. If you're worried about the strength of the bike, just watch the video as the engineers and product developers give you all the details on this new downhill bike.

The bike features adjustable travel from 8.5 to 10-inches, head angle anywhere from 63 to 66 degrees based on travel and headset sleeves and a nearly indestructible carbon front triangle that comes in at 600 grams less than the aluminum versions. The adjustable link has built-in grease ports for easy maintenance and the swingarm remains aluminum as testing revealed no significant weight savings in using a carbon rear end beefed up for the rigors of downhill riding"


Frame Of Mind

"Hidden away in a small workshop in the hills just outside Trento, Italy, Dario Pegoretti creates some of the finest bicycles in the world—a fact acknowledged this year by Wallpaper* magazine, which proclaimed his Luigino Pista model the “Best Ride” in its annual Design Awards. Welding each steel frame by hand, Pegoretti and his studio produce around 600 bikes a year, which, given the level of demand, means a two-year waiting period for customers (and a price tag of between $2,000 and $5,000). For this, clients get to own not just a magnificent feat of engineering, but also a piece of cycling legend—Pegoretti has created machines for champion riders including Stephen Roche, Marco Cipollini and five-time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain. Pegoretti’s status is celebrated sartorially this season as part of a new line of Club Jerseys from high-end cycle wear brand Rapha. To bring Pegoretti’s story to life, photographer Ben Ingham, whose work includes evocative images for stylish cycling quarterly Rouleur, was sent by Rapha to the Pegoretti studio in Italy to capture the blazing passion of this master artisan. “He’s very poetic,” says Ingham. “When he starts to talk… it’s like a diatribe, but a very eloquent one.” The film, previewed exclusively here, is set to become a 20 to 30 minute short which will screen at the Rapha Cycle club spaces debuting this month in London and New York, as well as at Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle, an exhibition of the work of six cycle artisans including Pegoretti at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design, which opens May 11"

Watch the preview here


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Santa Cruz Carbon V10

Visually it’s very different, loads lower than previous. Sleeker and no doubt faster. The weight difference is obviously up there on the list of changes.

It can be swapped between 8.5″ and 10″ and a range of settings and geometry. Headtube in 10″ setting can go between 64 and 66 degrees and IN half degree increments. IN THE 8.5″ setting 63 and 65 degrees. It’s a full degree slacker. But you can do whatever you want.
“The front triangle has 125mm headtube with 1.5″, about the same as last year’s custom frames for the Syndicate. The team have very unique set ups, each thought they were on frames totally different but really they were the same. Production wise large is longer. Reach and stack is what people discuss mostly – about 20mm longer on large than it was, and the medium is longer as well” says Joe Graney"

Why with adjustability? “People have difficulty knowing the advantage of a ten–inch bike. Different people have different preferences depending on where they ride. You need the adjustability of adjustable travel.”
Bottom bracket has stayed the same between last years. 14.75″ in long travel, and in 8.5″ mode its 14" 
Top link. BMC (bulk moulding compound) carbon link. The previous had a foam centre, this process is now the same on other bikes. Directional material inside. Solid carbon link now.
Lower link. Bearing is now housed inside lower link. Rubber lip seal, double seal bearing and larger diameter axle. Same style as all VPP bikes now.

Tweaked shock rate slightly, now running 9.5″ x 3.0″ shock, which was what they were racing on aluminium bikes last year. Things might change on testing but they will be pretty invisible. Major difference is that in the 8.5″ setting it now feels like there’s not as much suppleness on the beginning of the stroke compared to the longer bike."

900g less than what they raced on last year. Production weights to be determined.
Standover way lower. “Way the hell down”.


Half inch of carbon up front. “We couldn’t break it in test lab. Casing a jump? Forget it, the jump will break first!”

The swingarm is identical to the Driver 8. Maxle rear end. The crucial point is that it’s made of aluminium."

"Santa Cruz are keen to point out that this is not an official bike launch as such. Joe Graney continues the story before we head off up the hill. “We’ve still got some way to go. It’s not signed off yet. If it was all done the guys would just go and be racing it. That’s why we are all here to work through things and get some quality testing done. Everyone seems pretty stoked though even after just a day.”
This is an important bike for Santa Cruz. It comes at a key time when a few other companies have been lowering the weight. It’s crazy how many new bikes have been coming out of Santa Cruz recently. Just before we head onto hill I grabbed Roskopp again and asked him how the riders were feeling. “Changing direction appears to be different, it’s quicker. The bike is more predictable at the front end. The guys have been commenting on how much easier it feels to be manualling through sections, changing lines quickly. Stiffness and weight. Some of the guys said I was like a kid in a candy shop when they first arrived. We’ve launched a lot of stuff in last six weeks, but it is great to be here going through performance stuff with the riders.”
Finally how come the move to carbon? “We are all impatient and want to improve stuff. The learning curve in carbon has become extremely quick. Carbon wheels, weight and stiffness improvements. I’m all into performance. I can’t see myself riding aluminium again. But I’m lucky and can choose, the carbon is just that much better.”