Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sabrina Jonnier’s Rocky Mountain Flatline WC Prototype

"These are the specs from Adam McGrath, her mechanic:
- So the low down on the new bike is that it’s gone from more freeride geo to proper World Cup geometry.
- The bike sits proper low in the BB at 13.9-inches, but gets a bit lower with a rider on, more like 13.6
- Head angle is this bike’s trick. It’s got a small head tube and the bike is set up around 570mm axle to crown. This is different to most bikes where you just measure 8-inches from crown to seal on the stanchions. So essentially we have more stanchion exposed than most, but it gives us much greater adjustment. When fully out we can have a 62 degree head angle and still have a bar height of 42.5-inches. But Sabo’s current setup is 64.5 degrees with 42 bar height.
- She rides a medium size frame, 17-inch
- Top tube is 23-inches
- Seat angle is 71.5 (irrelevant except we have no seat buzzzz)
- Chainstay 17.5-inches
- Wheel base is 45.6-inches on Sabo’s but changes a bit with the fork rake/head angle adjustment"

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