Friday, April 17, 2009

Commencal Absolut SX 2010

"Rocking with 140mm of travel, this little beauty has a tapered H/T 1.5" / 1"1/8 (integrated headset), its main pivot is down on the BB so that you can opt for a singlespeed option (you can also run horizontal dropouts, vertical, 12mm and Maxxle).
No doubt some of the mags will argue with the stats, but it has a 68° H/T angle with 510mm height fork ( based on the designed 140mm travel fork). As with the current Absolut, there will be two sizes. We are guessing 'Short' and 'Long'.

So who is this bike for??

Well the team down in Andorra have been looking at what people are riding. Ultimately the bike has been designed with Slopestyle in mind. But this is not like the other 'SS' bikes. With the Commie crew going with 140mm of air shock travel they have built a very versatile machine. Hence the Absolut 'SX' title. You could even ride this bike on short DH tracks, however where this bike is going to rule is the big mountain trails like A-Line and Dirt Merchant in Whistler...or lets face it the sort of killer lines at trail centres which are popping up around the UK.

So, that would mean get a Supreme with Triple clamp big guns for the hairy days, but for everything else pointing downhill there is this bad boy.

And yes Orange is the new Green!"

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