Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2011 Avid elixir 3

"AVID Elixir 3 was built for value and gives nothing away in performance and adjustability. The newest brake in the Elixir family offers up a sleek ambidextrous lever body and stout two-piece caliper. Featuring a TaperBore master cylinder and AVID’s optimized pivot placement, the Elixir 3 brings a new level of performance and control to this entry level price point.

TaperBore is a unique patented hydraulic closure system that allows for lighter lever travel through the stroke of the lever while moving more fluid than a traditional timing port. With the additional benefit of allowing the rider greater control of a more powerful brake system.

Intended use: XC/Trail/AM

Weight: 405 grams (Front; Post mount; 160mm)

Fluid: DOT 5.1

Rotors: 160/185/203mm G3 Clean Sweep
• Built for value providing great Elixir family power and control.
• New ambidextrous Lever body featuring TaperBore Technology
• Tooled Reach adjust with Improved access – 3mm ball end
• MatchMaker compatible
• New two-piece caliper, Top Loading Pads

Elixir 3 - Grey 160mm G3CS (IS and Post Mount) MSRP - $105.00 USD


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