Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bos Deville

"Deville is the very first enduro fork produced by Bos. It has been developped with Nicolas Vouilloz in order to get a very accurate fork for tall the enduro riders.Our R&D depatrment have been mainly focused on three axles : getting a lightweight fork, quite stiff, and efficient in downhill, but also when it's time to climb ! You get the result now, and Nico , as well as the other lucky guys who could ride it, feel really enthousiasts about its behaviour. Deville is remarquable bty its dimensions : 34mm stanchions and 160 mm travel : a package that brings a good balance between stifness and reasonnable weight. By the way, Deville is one of the lightest 160 mm forks available. But Deville, as a true Bos fork, also features a very good hydraulic system, based on an openned bath cartridge, fully adjustable. This should bring a good chassis control ! And for the pedaling efficincy, Deville inn ovates with the TRC, for Twin Rate Curve. Tjis system does not block the fork, and does not change the geometry of the bike. It brings a new rate curve, on the spring side, allowing the fork to be efficent on small bumps, but it reduces the travel by icreasing the rate very quickly. In case of big hit unexpected, the fork still works. This system is incredibly efficient once on the track, as noticed by Nico Vouilloz. it also allows to keep a high front end in downhill, on a soft ground, with many tight curves, according to Nico, who decided to use it in this kind of situation."

Travel : 160 mm
Stanchions : 34 mm
Spring : air spring
Adjustments : Hi + low speed compression / rebound
Axle : 20 mm + QR
Features : exclusive TRC system
Weight : 1990 gr


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