Friday, April 18, 2008

The Drop Bar

"The DB10, or better known as the Drop Bar, 10th anniversary bike. What anniversary is it?
Well, it's Tomac Bikes' 10th year in the business, and to celebrate this they created a replica John Tomac bike, just like the team bike he rode while he was on team 7/11 back in 1991 or so. Chris Herting himself welded and painted this beauty up right in Colorado.
Why is it named the Drop Bar? John Tomac was racing both road and MTB back in the early '90s and didn't want to be swapping back and forth between bikes and having to adapt to different feeling machines, so he ran a drop bar setup on each bike that season. A little note here, only 10 of these bikes will be produced, so if you're a big fan of John Tomac, place your order today"

Pink Bike

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