Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rock Shox Reverb Drop Post

"The Rock Shox crew rolled out their new Reverb drop post Tuesday at the company’s media camp in Durango, Colorado, and was one of the first in line to wing it around the local trails.
With features like a silky-smooth, hydraulic-actuated remote that can be integrated with either SRAM’s clean Match Maker system or separately with the Discreet mount, this is one impressive addition to the drop-post market.
At $295, other features include:
125mm of drop
• An adjustable return rate(speed) via an accessible barrel adjuster on the remote lever.
• A three-key anti-rotation design to keep seat “shimmy” down to an impressive minimum.
• A spring-energized, triple-lipped seal to protect the internals from the elements.
The Reverb will be offered in both 31.6 and 30.9, and will come in either 380mm or 420mm lengths.
Though still in prototype phases, estimated arrival to your local shop is sometime in September, with a targeted production weight of 515-grams, including remote."



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