Thursday, September 02, 2010

2011 Morewood Split Pivot Prototype @ Eurobike 2010

"Morewood Bikes has gotten together with Dave Weagle to offer a new 150mm travel trail bike with the newly patented Split Pivot suspension.
With this bike they’ve felt they’ve been able to acheive the best of both worlds.  Being able to help incoproate new damper designs into a more tunable fashion with their control link, the 150mm bike is designed to excel on the trail.
Tapered headtube for additonal strength and allow for the usage with the current range of tapered forks and headsets.
142mm x 12mm rear end.  This means the dropouts are keyed much like a front wheel and the wheel drops simply into the dropouts with confidence.  The hangers are easy to replace too which is a treat.
Rear disc mount is post mount so the brake caliper bolts directly to the frame.
Front derailleur area will see some minor tweaks to allow for more clearance but the use of the direct mount derailleur simplifies front derailleur setup as riders will be able to set their derailleur up easier since they will only have to worry about having to align the derailleur vertically as it sits on a rail.
Geo will be quite aggressive for Morewood.  They’re still finding that sweet spot on a few measurements but expect around a 67.5º HA and a lower bottom bracket than their previous 150mm bikes.
The 150mm bike will certainly open the door up I think for Morewood in terms of being able to fine tune their bike range and in the future will include more Split-Pivot models"


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