Sunday, February 21, 2010

Intense Tracer 29 Rev 3


"Been getting lots of request as to whats up with the Tracer 29 so here is the latest.
This one is getting close and I am really happy with the ride. The frame has been beefed up as well as the rear and now has our new G2 adjustable drop out that offers two CS length adjustments 17.7" & 18" and different axle options for all the popular combos.
pictured is new 142 with 12mm QR. Our friends @ I9 supplied the 142 spec wheelset.
Also we are going with the full 1.5 HT so it will be compatible with all steerer options and new crop of adjustable headset cups.Direct mount FD & new larger zirk fittings that thread in so they are easy to replace.
Travel is at 5.5 or 6" with the adjustable link.
With 140 fork HA is @ 69.5 in short G2 setting and flush HS.
All this is not final & some of the parts still need refinement."


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