Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moro Mmbop DH Frame


"The main targets in the design process were a low centre of gravity, lightweight and an agile and versatile handling performance. The shock is mounted parallel to the downtube, causes a very low centre of gravity. Also the shock is very well protected from rocks and mud. The kinematic of the linkage system has a progressive rate, so you will have enough reserves at the end of the travel at any time. The response of the shock is very sensitive. The short rear frame with a chain stay length of 430mm leads to a handling of the bike that makes you very fast around corners and invites you to use the track as a playground. But the frame has still enough smoothness at high speed because of the low bottom bracket and the low centre of gravity.

All bearings are sealed ball bearings and made of stainless steel. There are no threads in the main and rear frame except for the necessary threads in the bottom bracket and the ISCG-mountings. All parts can so easily be changed when damaged and it is not necessary to change one of the expensive parts of the frame.

Expected to be available in april of 2010"


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